Alex Seewald



I’m a seasoned, hands-on Digital Mobile Engineer, and I work on low-level hardware and artificial intelligence projects too.

Digital wiz-kid from the late-90s demo-scene generation, I aim to push hardware and software to its limits. I apply my knowledge to mobile development and Research & Development projects.

I have worked with the some of the world’s biggest brands, such as L’Oréal Research and Innovation, Louis Vuitton, the BBC, Apple and Microsoft to name but a very few.

I want technology to make a positive, and unobtrusive marked difference to people’s lives and believe anything is technically possible.

I have other interests involving perfumery and soap making. I also sing as part of the wonderful Sunday Boys choir in Manchester and I maintain a cooking website.

My professional and personal interests blend in in a unique way, see below for some examples of current personal projects. (A lot of my work is under NDA and I take them seriously, so cannot share the full details here).

Alex speaking about Immersive Technologies at  #metalab18

Alex speaking about Immersive Technologies at #metalab18



I developed ANY•SCAN over the last few years in a bid to prove that it was possible to use Deep Learning to recognise a large number of images in realtime, and offline, on a mobile phone. It has been used by L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton.

ANY•SCAN of course scans barcodes and QR-codes, and its key feature is that it lets you also detect a large number of photographs — for example, the pages of a magazine, billboards, TV adverts… to which, it will react in realtime.

ANY•SCAN can also connect to a scanning server, offloading the computing power, allowing the scanning of a virtually unlimited large numbers of images in real-time.

iOS, Android, Web and Desktop SDKs are available.

The world’s first Artificial Intelligence perfume

Blending my interests in Artificial Intelligence and Perfume-Making, I have been developing the Epoch project for the last couple of years.

Epoch is the epitome in stylish geekiness — it is a perfume, completely designed through the use of Artificial Intelligence, and it forever evolves based on the feedback of its users.

Each iteration of Epoch will only ever sees one release. Each bottle from a new iteration theoretically is more pleasing to its users. (Should an iteration be particularly popular, I will consider making additional batches.)

Epoch #001 will be released in the course of 2019. If you’re interested in joining me in that exciting adventure, feel free to sign up and more information will be released in due course.

epoch v2.png