A French native, I have worked and lived in the UK for 20 years and identify as Mancunian.

I’m a digital engineer, very strong iOS and C/C++ developer, and have a very keen interest in Hardware and Artificial Intelligence too.

I’m an expert in digital research, mobile engineering, process and product design, operational management, and business communication.

I’ve have worn many hats over the years — executive, programmer, designer, social marketer and governmental pilot manager. I even had a brief stint on regional French radio. I am unique in the way I can manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges.

My experience essentially boils down to the following:

  • I am fluent in geek, marketer, designer, trainer, salesperson, and difficult client. Understanding means fewer mistakes, and mistakes cost a fortune.

  • I push hardware to its limits. I was 10 when I started programming. I hand-coded assembly on Amstrad CPC. I rendered things in 3D before 3D acceleration.

  • I was one of the very last developers on Silicon Graphics and I was one of the very first iOS developers

  • I worked with some of the world’s biggest companies on critical applications and R&D projects

  • I have big ideas and I take action.

  • I'm the calm one.

  • I run towards fires.

I love making new professional acquaintances so reach out if you want to talk about technology. I am a geek. I am open to talking at industry events. (TED, if you’re reading…)

I also make soaps and perfumes as a hobbyist which I sell through Axwood, and sing and contribute to the organisation of a male choir in Manchester called The Sunday Boys.


iOS, C/C++, Mac, Linux, commercial enterprise and consumer mobile applications, artificial Intelligence, Image recognition, realtime video processing, realtime audio processing, realtime computer graphics.


A lot of my work is under non-disclosure agreements but I have personally worked on projects for the following companies:

L’Oréal, the BBC, Air France, Louis Vuitton, RATP, General Medical Council, Lancôme, Woodland Trust, Apple, Microsoft, Pernod, Jaguar, Pfizer, Which?, The Telegraph, CoppaFeel!, Storage Made Easy (Vehera), Danone, the FA, the British Lawn Tennis Association, Aston Martin, The Good Food Guide, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, …

In the following fields:

Consumer and Enterprise Desktop and Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows), User Interface design, Database systems, APIs, Bluetooth, Realtime Image Recognition, Realtime Video Processing, Realtime Audio Processing and compression, Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning, 3D, low-level optimisation, firmware writing, embedded systems.

On the following platforms:

Desktop Mac, Linux, Windows
Mobile iOS, Android, Symbian
Embedded Raspberry PI, embedded systems (ARM)

I’m open to discuss this in more detail in a private context — email me.


I contributed to L’Oréal’s UV Patch project and helped develop the algorithms that make part of the product. See Soft, stretchable, epidermal sensor with integrated electronics and photochemistry for measuring personal UV exposures .



iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux / Irix

Programming Languages

C/C++, Swift, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Kotlin, C#/.NET, Z80 + ARM + x86 assembly, Node.JS

Database Systems

MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres

Development Methodologies

Clean architecture, Test-Driven Development

Development Tools

Xcode, Android Studio, Visual Studio

Artificial Intelligence and Related

TensorFlow, Caffe, Multi-agent systems, Knowledge Bases, Big Data analysis, image recognition (training and detection), CoreML

Frameworks (highlights)

Most iOS frameworks, OpenCV, DLib, OpenAL, OpenGLES 1.0-3.0, …


Cocoapods, Kernel Driver development (Linux), embedded systems, Shaders, GPU computing (Google, Amazon)…